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Screen Printing Standards With 30+ Years Of Expertise

Printvana’s screen printing team has been leading in the industry for over 30 years, persistently perfecting our process as a company. Always finding new and improved ways to bring a smoother order process to our customers. Bringing them simple and efficient ways to request design work, pick a t-shirt that fits their budget, send us t shirt artwork, or request bulk order pricing for custom screen printed t-shirts.

We have one of the fastest and reliable turn-around times on t-shirt screen printing services. Offering custom rush orders in as quick as 48 hours.

custom screen printing of t shirts

Steps To Placing A Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing Order

Step 1:

Send us your design. Don’t have one? Don’t even let that stress your order. Request a free design from our professional designers that have created over 20,000 designs. We have made our design process as easy as possible for all customers. Whether you only have a rough idea or the final artwork, we optimize it and get it to the quality we need it to be so our screen printers can print a quality shirt. After this step, your job here is done! We will handle the rest and get to printing!

Step 2:

After the design is finalized, our intuitive design team will analyze how we will print the artwork, analyzing each artwork submission to see what can and cant be done with screen printing. They start by separating all the colors on the design into individual screens, sharpening them up for printing, and then preparing them for the screen printer machine.

Step 3:

We send you the artwork for final approval. Once you approve how we separated your design and the approved colors we will use on the shirt, we start the screening process.

Step 4:

Each screen, each artwork separation is prepared with the approved color and then screen printed onto the shirt. We make sure to print in the correct color order so the colors are applied in a way to make the design look right. We use mini-ovens between each color to bring a clean, crisp quality finish. We call it our flash-drying process. This prevents any color bleeding or blending between screen applications.

Step 5:

Your custom t-shirt is placed on our conveyor ovens at a temperature close to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. About 30 seconds later, the finished product has been dried, leaving a quality cured finish that won’t allow for the design to peel, fade away, crack, or wash off.

Step 6:

Now your t-shirt is passed to our quality control department. They will check to make sure that not only the placement of the artwork is correct but that the locations and colors are too. Our production managers review every single shirt and give an approval before the order gets sent to our shipping department.

Step 7:

All orders are shipped right to your doorstep. Every customer receives a shipment tracking number with a guaranteed delivery date. We will send you a confirmation email once the order is complete and shipped out that has all this information.

Step 8:

You receive your order of freshly baked tees! Wear them, donate them, or sell them but show us some love on Google, Facebook, Yelp or spread the word!

Screen Printed T-Shirt Examples

Our vision here at Printvana has always been to provide the customers with an easy process of placing a custom t-shirt order. We built our ordering process and logistics around your needs as a customer. That is why our design team is only a call or email away if you need help customizing your apparel for your organization, business, party, nonprofit, school, team or more!

screen printed t-shirt examplesscreen printing on hoodies with custom design

Screen Printing FAQ

Now you have learned what screen printing is and how the process works. Let us help you clarify some of the typical questions we receive.

What type of ink do you use?

Our screen printers only use high-quality plastisol inks. The reason why we prefer plastisol inks is that they are easy to work with and dont need any kind of bonding. Not only do they not dry until you cure the ink but they are one of the most durable inks that exist. Your shirts with plastisol will ensure longevity for years with constant wear.

Do you Carry water-based inks?

Yes! We don’t use them frequently but in some cases customers request them. We are here to make you happy! If water-based inks are what you prefer we will print with them. Make sure to contact us at our phone or via email to discuss the options we have.

If I wash my t-shirt will the screen printing come off?

No way Jose! The quality screen printing service we offer and the premium inks we use will give you a long lasting print. We make sure to cure every shirt properly to ensure your shirts will stand the test of wear & tear.

Are t-shirts the only apparel you screen print?

Absolutely Not! Custom screen printed t-shirts might be our top seller but we screen print on many products, including tote bags, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, towels, activewear, hats and more.

Do you flash your prints on dark color apparel?

Yes! Always! Many of our competitors might not but we pay close attention to detail to make sure you get a quality shirt that will last. Flashing is one of the most important elements when screen printing any dark colors ( Black, Royal Red, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, etc.) Our screen printers have over 10 years of experience with a discipline for quality control that is what keeps our quality superior to our competition. We make sure our custom t-shirt screen printing service meets your standards and beyond. 100% satisfaction is what our team strives for every day.

custom screen printed t-shirts