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Customize Embroidery For Shirts, Polos, Hats & More

Out of all the apparel printing processes, embroidered apparel is one of the most delicate ones. Embroidery requires a superior attention to detail to make sure your clothing is stitched with the right thread count for your artwork crisp, in the right orientation, with the right pressure so the thread is tight. There are numerous points of quality control our team takes very seriously to provide you with an amazing finished product.

Need Rush Embroidered Apparel Next Day? Just Call Us!

Sometimes things come up last minute and we get it. That’s why we specialize in providing you with super fast embroidery service on any custom apparel you need embroidering done on. Printvana strives to bring top customer service to all our customers, bringing us the level of reviews we have today.

embroidery machine for custom apparel printing

Our Embroidery Service In A Few Steps

With state of the art embroidery machines, not only is our quality is unmatched to local embroidery shops but we offer great delivery times on all orders. If you’re looking to embroid a high-end polo shirt or simply some towels for your baby niece, we can handle any size order and accommodate a competitive price for you. Go through our steps below on how we make that happen for you

Step 1:

You Submit a design. We then look over the design, make it crisp, analyze what would be the best way to get this design embroidered onto the polos, hats, towels, or any other apparel you’re trying to customize.

Step 2:

We take your logo, design, or artwork through an embroidery digitizing service. It’s a process that converts the artwork into the order of how the thread will be placed on your apparel. This design process generates a file format that the embroidery machine can read. Telling the machine where the needle will start and finish with each color. Giving us a thread count which is part of what we use to price out a quality job for you.

Step 3:

We send the design to you for final approval. After we have prepared your design for print, we will make sure to contact you with a rendering of how your design will look embroidered. We do not start to print anything onto the apparel until we have approval from you.

Step 4:

Production begins. We send off the final design to our embroidery team and they start sewing your logo or design onto the product. We have every size hoop for each kind of apparel we are working with. We carry embroidery hoops that are for small, medium, large, XL shirts etc. A good production starts with the right set up. Making sure you have the right tools to align the design correctly onto the product. Many local embroidery shops cut corners by only having a few standard hoops and this always causes the quality of embroidering to suffer. Making you, the customer, pay the price.

Step 5:

Our floor managers are neat freaks, they like to consider themselves having OCD. They are in charge of checking each item that is produced and making sure it follows our quality control guidelines. We trim up any fabric or threads that need clean up, We make sure the backings are correct and make sure the thread is sewed on tight.

Step 6:

We pack your order and ship it to your door. We provide you with the tracking order and the delivery date.

Step 7:

You receive your perfectly embroidered products. Wear them, share them, sell them but always loving our quality.

Embroidery Jobs Well Done

Embroidery can be applied to a wide range of products. Here at Printvana, we try to deliver a personalized experience to each and every one of our customers. From a company with more than 1000 employees looking for corporate polos to shirts for your children’s birthday party we can handle it. Always feel free to contact us.

examples of embroidered polo shirts

Embroidery FAQ

If I place my embroidery order today, how many days will it take?

On average our orders take 5-8 business days to produce after we have the product we are stitching in our print shop. We strive at having the fastest turnaround time in town. With the industries average being two weeks, we have made it our priority to deliver quicker than that.

Do you offer rush orders for embroidery?

Absolutely, we know that unexpected events happen and you need your apparel embroidered for yesterday.  On a case by case scenario, we can give you a rush service on select items like polos, shirts, jackets, and bags. Never hesitate to give us a call at (786) 363-7173. Our customer service is our top priority, therefore we bend over backward for new or existing customers all the time to meet their needs. Can’t find another embroidery service in town to take your rush order? Try us, challange accepted.

What kind of threads do you use on your embroidery machines?

The industry standards for commercial embroidery threads are rayon and polyester. There are some other kinds of threads used in embroidery but we stick with these two. Which is the “better quality” is really nothing more than a personal preference of how you want your finished product to look. Some customers are looking for a very durable product for corporate polos, so we recommend them polyester. While others prefer the natural glow of the rayon textile. Giving our customers what they are looking for is what we strive for every day. So we have always carried both options for our customer’s needs.

What is the largest size design you can embroid?

Standard sizes are four to five inches wide, our machines are wide heads so we can offer embroidery services for fullbacks or full chests on jackets, polos, and bags. We go the extra mile to try to fit your embroidery needs, even if that means setting up our machines differently to sew your design.

Does Printvana offer tackle twill?

Absolutely! It’s not something we can put standard pricing for, so we do not offer it as an embroidery service you can pick on our website. Simply give us a ring and we will quote you what it will run you to print and sew onto your apparel. Contact us at  (786) 363-7173 or hello@printvana.com

Is your embroidery durable?

We guarantee the quality of the embroidery service we offer because to us a happy customer is what brings us more business. So for these reasons, we have always worked with quality threads and embroidery machines (Tajima) that have the right needle heads which can sew at various tensions to match the apparel’s textile.

How can I be sure you will deliver apparel on time?

Our internal operations relay on our tedious work schedule that has been proven and perfected for years now. In the leadtime we have given you for your embroidery order, we have taken into consideration everything from start to finish. From the design process of digitizing your logo/artwork to printing and shipping out your finished product. With Printvana you get a personalized experience like a local embroidery shop but with corporate standards, superior customer service, and great pricing.

We make sure to always have enough time available on the machines before accepting a new order. We account for downtime and maintenance that can occur and the shipping service you picked to make sure we can have the finished product in your hands by the due date. Our team is used to working extra hours when it comes down to it from time to time.

Our team at Printvana gives you a guaranteed delivery date so you can have peace of mind with your order.

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